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PREPARE & ENRICH Assessment Instrument Training

Assessments help you meet the needs of each couple versus your own agenda which ultimately can assist you in creating an environment for change. The first prerequisite for answered prayer is--a felt need. Assessments help identify needs of the couple and help you in letting the couple work on those areas as you guide them. The training includes practical and helpful ideas that work for premarital and marital couples. How does the pastor confront, without getting personal? How do you provide help for the couple without being "married to them" and getting "hooked" by every problem and difficulty they have? How do you prevent getting "hooked" by one spouse and alienate the other? How do you raise issues with couples, help them set boundaries and look seriously at their relationship, compatibility and areas of the relationship that need strengthening? How does one deal with members who resist change?   PREPARE is one of the most effective premarital instruments I have encountered. The PREPARE instrument provides a wealth of information about relationships. This information is designed to be relevant and useful to you as a pastor and the couple. It measures the following categories:
General Areas:  
Religious Orientation
Personality Issues
Children and Parenting
Conflict Resolution
Equalitarian Roles
Financial Management
Leisure Activities
Family and Friends
Sexual Relationships
Realistic Expectations
Family of Origin:
Family Cohesion
Family Adaptability
PREPARE is an instrument used to help couples prepare for marriage. The instrument identifies each couples work areas in their relationship. The ENRICH instrument does the same except with marital issues. The result is that each couple talks about issues raised in the feedback sessions. The most valued result of both instruments is that they save the counselor time and help the counselor focus on the issues that the couple "need to work on" versus the counselor's agenda. When the couple has good communication skills, why work on those areas? The instruments identify for you only the areas that need work with each couple. That saves time, makes you feel productive, and the couple is enriched and appreciative of you.
Training & Certification: 9:00 - 4:30 p.m.
Dates of Training: Phone to get latest dates, or look at left for dates scheduled.
Trainer: Bob Davidson, M.Div., M.Ed., LMFT
Cost: $175, includes handouts, testing,  one free administration
  • Phone:    (503) 357-9548 (to confirm interest)

  • Mail:        $175 check to Family Institute, P.C., 4110 Pacific Ave., Suite 202; Forest Grove, OR  97116

  • Mail:        Registration and check two (2) weeks prior to training date.  Minimum of 6