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CoDependency and Boundaries: External Dependence

Two Full-Day Treatment Event

What is it?  How To Identify
Shame   Boundaries   Feelings ... Anger, Pain
Treatment     Recovery     Group Therapy

Presented by:

Bob Davidson, M.Div., M.Ed., LMFT        Wendy Galambos, M.A., LPC      Ron & Judy Howden - Recovery Leaders

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Understanding the basic concept of codependency is vital to the healing process. It is the key concept in growth that leads you from pain, anger, and depression to the peace of mind, joy and contentment we all so desperately seek.

This workshop is designed to help you understand what codependency is, how it contributes to personal and family problems, and how it fuels our addictions. We will discuss childhood pain, what it means to grow up emotionally and psychologically, and what specific things can be done to promote personal healing and mental well-being.

Are you an adult child of a dysfunctional family? Come start the healing journey at a three day workshop that will deal with issues of addiction, codependency and boundaries. The workshop will include education, practical individual and group exercises, and group therapy. This workshop will integrate the psychological and spiritual aspects of recovery.

Who is Eligible?  

Anyone suffering as a result of their own excessive behavior or that of someone close to them. This workshop is appropriate for individuals who have become alienated from self, family, church, or God as a result of substance and process addictions like caretaking, controlling, perfectionism, martyring, relationship addiction, smoking, compulsive eating, etc. It is especially helpful to those whose negative habits are on the verge of costing them more than they can lose (their faith, health, vocation, or marriage). The purpose of the workshop is to restore quality of life and enhance personal growth.

This workshop is designed for adult children of addiction, abuse and neglect who are experiencing anxiety, dysthymia (mild, chronic depression), or personality and dependency disorders related to trauma and lack of nurturing in childhood. Self-esteem, boundaries, moderation, and healthy self-care are issues addressed in the workshop.

Test Yourself:    Do You Have a Problem with Co-Dependent Behavior?
Yes    No    Do You. . .
___   ___    1.  Feel embarrassed over another person*s behavior?
___   ___    2.  Attempt to control another person*s behavior?
___   ___    3.  Worry about what others think about those close to you?
___   ___    4.  Appear to others to be in control, but feel out of control inside?
___   ___    5.  Base your value and worth on what others think?
___   ___    6.  Put your values aside for another person?
___   ___    7.  Smooth the waters (want everything to appear okay to others)?
___   ___    8.  Make excuses to family, friends, and others of another*s behavior?
___   ___    9.  Have increased feelings of fear, helplessness, despair, guilt?
___   ___   10.  Often feel trapped?
___   ___   11.  Feel resignation alternating with rage?
___   ___   12.  Take responsibility for another person*s behavior?
___   ___   13.  Have attacks of nerves, shaking, headaches, extreme fatigue, depression?
___   ___   14.  Feel you (and others) must be perfect?
___   ___   15.  Plead, nag, or find yourself increasingly feeling bitterness or self pity?
___   ___   16.  Think about suicide?
___   ___   17.  Try to socially/emotionally isolate yourself?
___   ___   18.  Drop personal interests/goals to care for another person?
___   ___   19.  Neglect yourself, children, friends, or others?
___   ___   20.  Find yourself totally obsessed with another*s behavior?


. . . realize that you are not alone. . . . that
others will understand & accept where you are. 

You can find healing through this process.

Registration:  Pre-registration is required.  Registration closes when full or until one (1) week before date of workshop.   Group limited to 12.

Times:         Sat. 9 am - 9 pm
                Sun. 9am - 6 pm

Cost:  $200  (Meals are on your own during 60 minute breaks)
        VISA/MC/Debit/Diner's Club Accepted; Payment plan accepted.

Register now:   503.601.5400        Registration Form       Area Motels