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Licensed MH Professionals:
   -Linda Beldin-Korter, LCSW
   -Joe Cereghino, Psy.D.
   -John Crippen, LMFT
   -Bob Davidson, LMFT
   -Wendy Galambos, LPC
   -Naomi Hunsaker, LPC
   -Brooke Miller, LCSW 
   -Kathy Hardie-Williams, LPC
Registered Interns:   
   -Pam Beck, MA
Grad Students:

   Foundation Seminars
   Life Renewal Institute
   Love Takes Time
   Sexual Addiction
   Sexual Anorexia
   The Bridge to Recovery -KY
   Recovery Resources
   Marriage Counseling Blog
   Marriage Friendly Therapist
   Am Assoc for Marriage
       and Family Therapists
   LMFT Therapist Locator
   Edwin Noyes, MD, MPH
     "Exposing Spiritualistic
     Deceptions in Health and
     Healing."  Book resource
Children Behavioral Problems
Project Patch (a Christian based residential treatment for out of control children)
Crisis Counseling - Non-Profit Information, Guidance and Referral Assistance for Adults, Families, and Teenagers.  The site has an on-line "Youth at Risk Screening Questionnaire" that parents can take on-line and get feedback.
David's Sword: (New) Child Sexual Abuse book: Very helpful for children to read and understand how to set boundaries and be safe.  Check it out. http://www.davidssword.com
Information Resource of Parents with out of control teens.
http: www.Help-For-Parents.Org
Family-Marriage Websites Website
The Marriage Counseling Blog website has some very good resources for couples and families.  Check it out... http://themarriagecounselingblog.com
Love Takes Time, a website with helpful resources on marriage and the family.  It's Christian base is strong and positive. http://www.lovetakestime.com
StayHappilyMarried.com - This site is dedicated to providing resources to help couples who want to stay together. We provide information about qualified marriage counseling in the North Carolina area, as well as articles, other websites, books, and workshops which offer the tools needed to create happy, lasting marriages. http://www.stayhappilymarried.com
Health and Lifestyle Resources
Health, Published monthly newsletter called: "Making Healthy Choices".  The editor is Don Hall, President of Life Long Health in Clackamas, OR. Great help for church leaders, Stress Reduction, healthful living life style, and much more. http://www.lifelonghealth.org
Vegan Meals for One or Two: This book is designed so that you can realistically use ingredients the way they come packaged in the store. BK: Vegan Meals for One or Two
Vegetarian Resources: Go to http://www.happycow.net for excellent resources all over the world on vegetarian eating to include places to eat and cooking ideas.  Excellent!!
Professional Organizations - Memberships:
AAMFT (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy):
AAPC (American Association of Pastoral Counselors):
NCSAC (National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity)
PREPARE/Enrich (Life Innovations)
Therapist Finder is a California online resource for finding marriage and family therapists and counseling services. http://www.therapistfinder.com
AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors)
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Recovery Resources
Website or Contact
Foundations:  Foundations for Tomorrow, Inc offers a variety of unique and powerful workshops that will equip you to be more effective in every arena in your life. The tools you acquire can assist you to establish priorities, devote more energy pursuing your goals and dreams, and get the very most out of your relationships with family, friends and co-workers.

Foundations Workshops will allow you truly appreciate yourself and others in new and meaningful ways. You’ll gain new tools and methods for building healthy relationships and breakthrough old patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that may be holding you back from experiencing a life filled with passion, joy and abundance.

Foundations Workshops can equip you to find truth, freedom, direction, purpose, passion, peace and acceptance. Our hands-on, intensive workshops will help you uncover amazing things about yourself and how to affect the world around you just by being who you are.


This is excellent training for both the professional and family members.  It's an excellent investment.

The Bridge:  a Christian residential treatment for addicts of any type and co-addicts (CoDependency) in Bowling Green, KY.  An excellent retreat center that works.
877-866-8661 or 270-777-1094
Christian Recovery:  Resources for Christians in Recovery, working 12 steps, Quarterly STEP magazine, a resource for all aspects of recovery, not just alcohol and drugs.  Resources for pastors are also included.  Very helpful.  Site has some very good resources both for Recovery Groups and individuals. 
Regeneration Ministries:  It is a Christ-Centered Twelve Steps Recovery Program (United States and World-wide).  Regeneration is resource for all aspects of recovery, not just alcohol and drugs.  They have Recovery sites listed that you can join.  
Call:  425-481-7171,   Ext. 3228 
Female Cancer Support Group:  Gillette Women's Cancer Connection program site is an interactive on-line support community with access to more than 700 local support group listings, discussions, articles and advice about women's cancer.  Free educational brochures are also available by calling 800-688-9777.
The Meadows 12 Step Recovery Links  (Excellent Links) http://www.themeadows.org/12step.htm
Alcoholics Anonymous -Oregon
Alcoholics Anonymous - Arizona Historic Resource
     A resource of Historic Photos and Conference Groups and a growing source of links to many states and other nations.  Please come and offer your link to our resource directory.  (excellent links)
Al-Anon / AlaTeen:     1750 SW Skyline Rd, Portland, OR
503-292-1333 (M-F, 9-5 pm)
Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA): 
                 1027 E. Burnside, Portland, OR        503-239-8400 
                 10362 SW McDonald, Tigard, OR     503-624-0312
503-285-8891 (Portland Community)
Gamblers Anonymous:  
         Tualatine Valley Centers, 14600 NW Cornell Rd, Portland, OR
Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACoA) 503-245-8181
Narcotics Anonymous 503-284-1787
Overeaters Anonymous 503-254-5658
Marijuana Anonymous 503-221-7007
Cocaine Anonymous 503-256-1666
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Self Abuse, Injury, Cutting
Why Do People Engage In Self-Inflicted Violence? (Article, Printed November, 2000;  Excellent resource on self abuse) http://www.tpronline.org/articles.cfm?articleID=296
Self Abuse.Com  This site is a large list of links related to self-injury.  While the links are not annotated, they are grouped into "Coping Skills," "Newsgroups, Message Boards, Discussion Boards, Chat," Personal Stories," "General Self-Harm Information, Articles," and more.  Most of the links were active when we visited .  This would be a good starting point for learning more about self-injury.  
SAFE Alternatives:  (800)-Dontcut [800-366-8288]  SAFE (Self-Abuse Finally Ends) Alternatives is a treatment program, and there is little here for people seeking more online information about self-injury.  We are including it because it is the only toll-free phone number we've found for people looking for more information, who don't have web access.  
Self-Injury Information and Resources:  This is a personal web site created by a woman in the U.K.  She includes information on self-injury (including common myths and helpful ways to respond), methods for coping with the urge, alternatives she uses instead of self-injury, how to cope with flashbacks, tips about going with a self-injurer to the Emergency Room, and a list of other resources. http://www.selfinjury.freeserve.co.uk
Healthy Place: Self-Injury Community:  An online community for people seeking support, information, or friendship.  This site includes access to the "Self-Injury Community" e-mail mailing list, transcripts from online conferences, online journals of self-injurers, and access to The Healing Touch web site.
The Cutting Edge (PO Box 20819, Cleveland, OH  44120)  The Cutting Edge is a print newsletter for "women living with self-inflicted violence."  Published quarterly, The Cutting Edge is supported solely through donations.  It does not appear to have a web site.   Rutamaz@aol.com
Self-Injury: You are not the only one:  This is the self-injury web site most often referenced either on the web sites or in print media.  It includes a wealth of information from a quick primer for those who are unfamiliar with self-injury, to a self-help page for self-injurers who are feeling the impulse.  Upfront, this site warns that there is information here that may be a "trigger" for those who self-injure; those pages seem to be well identified.  Also included are a number of interactive areas including a chat room, a web board, and access to the Bodies Under Siege e-mail mailing list.  
Young People and Self-Harm:  From the National Children's Bureau (NCB) in the U.K. this site is unique because it has a large list of international  "Information Resources."  None of these resources appear to link off this page, but phone numbers, addresses, and an occasional e-mail address are listed.  An online form lets people add their own research/program/practice or other resource to the list.  Additionally, the NCB is involved in research on self-injury (ending in December 2000).  With any luck, results from this research will be posted on this site.    http://www.ncb.org.uk/projects/selfharm.htm
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Sexual Addiction
Website or Item
SASH:  The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health
Sex Addict Resource - Doug Weiss, Ph.D.
Sex Addicts Anonymous Call: 503-452-5961
Sexaholics Anonymous Call: 503-224-9840
Sexual Addiction Access Helpline Call: 800-362-2644 (24 hours)
Sexual Addiction resources for therapists and addicts http://www.iitap.com
Test Yourself:  Internet Sex Addiction and Sex Addiction http://www.sexhelp.com
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Spiritual/Devotional Resources
Spiritual, Prophecy Bible Study http://www.prophecycode.org
Spiritual, An excellent source of personal Bible Study as well as daily devotionals. An in depth Bible Study and Bible reference -- reading of the King James Version with great inspirational reference points. http://www.wordsight.com


Family Website, providing seven (7) important family topics plus great links.  Enjoy, Good resource. http://www.weeklylight.com
Health, Published monthly newsletter called: "Making Healthy Choices".  The editor is Don Hall, President of Life Long Health in Clackamas, OR. Great help for church leaders, Stress Reduction, healthful living life style, and much more.
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Therapist's and Therapy Resources
Leslie Carter, Psy.D.  Specializes in ADD, ADHT, Autism, PDD Disorder's; 

Tigard: Plaza West, Suite 280, 503-601-7511  503-807-7413

Counselor.org is strictly an INFORMATION site about therapy/counseling with a variety of topics and discussions.  Lots of resources available.  Excellent.




TherapyCounseling.Com  website is free for users to use and is a great source of information for the general public regarding instant mental health advice and telehealth. The following are points of information listed on the website:   




Mark White, LMFT (Marriage Counseling in Rochester, Minnesota)
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Trauma and Recovery Resources
AAMFT Trauma and Recovery Resources: (AAMFT has excellent trauma and recovery resources on their website.  There you will find links to pre-screened, helpful sites, as well as copies of AAMFT publications on grief and post-traumatic stress disorder.  Some of the resources are written specifically for consumers.
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Workshops - Recommended
It's Fixable; Ron and Nancy Rockey -
      It's Fixable" is an organization whose purpose is to assist people of all ages, to be freed from those thoughts, feelings and behaviors which have kept them bound in fear, anger, sadness, or feelings of worthlessness.  
      Its founders, Ron & Nancy Rockey, are both Marriage and Family Therapists and Counseling Psychologists. They are a husband and wife team, who know from personal and marital experience, the depths of despair to which hurting individuals can sink.
      The Rockeys teach several seminars which they have developed, to help teens and adults to identify their childhood needs which were unmet, and to process through wounds inflicted during the most important character forming years of life.  
       Excellent, check them out, then ATTEND a workshop!!!