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   Codependency and
     Boundaries Weekend:
        Minimum = 6; Limit =12
        $200 per person
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Licensed MH Professionals:
   -Linda Beldin-Korter, LCSW
   -Joe Cereghino, Psy.D.
   -John Crippen, LMFT
   -Bob Davidson, LMFT
   -Wendy Galambos, LPC
   -Naomi Hunsaker, LPC
   -Brooke Miller, LCSW 
   -Kathy Hardie-Williams, LPC
Registered Interns:   
   -Pam Beck, MA
Grad Students:

   Foundation Seminars
   Life Renewal Institute
   Love Takes Time
   Sexual Addiction
   Sexual Anorexia
   The Bridge to Recovery -KY
   Recovery Resources
   Marriage Counseling Blog
   Marriage Friendly Therapist
   Am Assoc for Marriage
       and Family Therapists
   LMFT Therapist Locator
   Edwin Noyes, MD, MPH
     "Exposing Spiritualistic
     Deceptions in Health and
     Healing."  Book resource
  • Personality Evaluations to clarify assessment and to aid in treatment planning.
  • Team Building for organizations, teams, and managers.
  • Premarital Testing and Feedback (4 sessions, 3 personality tests, personalized computer feedback)

  • Couples Communication©
  • Family Wellness©
  • STEP Parenting®
  • STEP-Teen Parenting®
  • Parenting in a Current Society
  • Parenting Toddlers
  • Conflict Resolution: A Win-Win Approach©
  • Why One is So Weird and The Other So Strange
  • Christian PREP©
  • Body Image - Food Issues
  • Personalities and Relationships
  • Spiritual Insight and Renewal

  • Developing Accredited Graduate Program, Practicum Centers
  • Family Grief Work - New Horizons
  • Leadership Versus the Quick Fix
  • Supervision: Student-Oriented Supervision
  • Spiritual Dimensions in Abuse and Trauma
  • FIRO-B Certification
  • Team Building: A Collegial Management Style
  • PREPARE/Enrich Certification